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TheCultureBiz provided an excellent way to connect and motivate my team to approach a challenge creatively and cohesively, as well as to raise team morale and bonding, especially while working remotely.

Katie Wall so effortlessly and organically weaves everyone into participating, and has an uncanny sense of how to orchestrate diverse groups of people to bring everyone into focus while encouraging creative exploration.
Wendy Mirkin-Fox
We hired TheCultureBiz to help facilitate the strategic planning sessions for our growing energy company. Katie provided excellent planning, support and assistance with the design and implementation of multiple workshops over a two-day period. Utilizing TheCultureBiz’s unique set of games and brainstorming techniques, Katie was able to help us build out a dynamic and creative strategic plan that included voices from across the company. Her work and facilitation style not only resulted in a thoughtful and strong strategic plan, but also had an extremely positive benefit to our company culture.

I would highly recommend TheCultureBiz to any business looking to take on complex tasks in a fun and engaging way.
Ben Lusher
My dental team and I just completed the thoroughly enjoyable and positively thought-provoking experience of “playing games” with Katie. All of the activities were well conceived and genuinely offered insight into how our team interacts with one another and how we can improve that interaction
Dr. Kelly S. Last
The play portion of the day was everyone’s favorite and the leader of that segment was so impressive in how she was truly asking questions to understand.
Susan Mullett
Working Spaces
The materials, instructions, and the whole presentation was amazing!
Mara Young
Woodlands Community Temple
Thank you so much for taking time to join us and facilitate such a fun meeting last week! I haven't laughed that much on a Zoom meeting ever - thank you!
Camber McKenzie
Energize Colorado
I thought that they were a fun, low pressure way to engage with colleagues. Nothing too personal for those who don’t like to get personal, and also not overly crafty for those of us who aren’t into that.
Mountain Youth

TheCultureBiz Inspires Connection

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