Strategic Planning Crate

Designed to help enhance meetings and work gatherings of any kind. Each crate is designed to target a specific area of focus with your team. Crates include completely original activities in recommended order, all materials needed to play, and easy-to-facilitate instructions with debrief questions to connect the activity back to the area of focus and drive key takeaways.

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Product Description

Strategic Planning Crate

Inspire meaningful connections and engagement through dynamic and thoughtfully designed strategic thinking warm-up activities that go hand-in-hand with your strategic planning process. Gather your strategy team, follow our step-by-step directions, and use the activities in recommended order to enhance the process of strategic planning. Allow your team to bring their most creative, strategic, innovative ideas while creating a fun environment that sparks connection.

According to Forbes, intentionally adding in culture building with strategic planning “generates trust and enthusiasm at all levels of the organization.” The Strategic Planning Crate seamlessly folds in culture-building activities while also encouraging creativity and innovation.

Activities Include

  • Quick Connect: Creative Shape Making Creative Warm-up
  • Back-To-Back Airplanes: Communication Style
  • The Next Big Idea Creative Problem Solving And Communication
  • Amoeba Profiles: Brainstorming and Communication

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“Stepping out of a normal routine, finding novelty, being open to serendipity, enjoying the unexpected, embracing a little risk, and finding pleasure in the heightened vividness of life. These are all qualities of a state of play.”

- Dr. Stuart Brown

What's in a Crate?

Unique curated activities

Everything you need to connect with your team and improve workplace culture

All materials to play and play again

Just open the CultureCrate and play! No other preparation needed

Facilitation guide

Easy-to-follow facilitation instructions. No professional facilitation experience needed – unless you want some.

Debrief questions

Help your teams connect the activity to work and drive key takeaways through debrief


All of our crates come with step-by-step instructions, but if you want to sit back and play, we’ve got you covered with CultureCrate Facilitation. 


While we can sometimes accommodate a quicker timeline, we ask that you order your crate no less than two (2) weeks in advance.

That’s up to you! Our instruction booklet includes a script for anyone (no matter what experience level they are) to open the crate and facilitate the activities successfully. If you’d prefer, our skilled facilitation team can also “tag in” to provide their expertise by asking unique questions, read the room to adjust activities as needed, or throw in another quick connection activity if there is time. Having a professional facilitator can also mean that everyone gets to participate, enjoy the experience together, and play!

Interested in a facilitator for your meeting? CLICK HERE to fill out our form.

All activities are different in length. Our Quick Connect activities are less than 10 minutes where other activities are 15 – 20 minutes, and some are even closer to 30 minutes. They are all marked on the included booklet so you can plan your time accordingly. 

You do not need to use all the activities in one meeting. Depending on how long your meeting or retreat is, it is possible to use all activities in one meeting.

There are more than enough activities included in your crate to keep your team playing through multiple staff meetings, an entire company retreat, multi-day strategy sessions, or a team off-site.

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Culture Crate Pricing

Team size Price per person
Teams of 5-20 $17.95
Teams of 21-40 $16.95
Teams of 41+ $15.95