Individual Activities

Want to try out activities without committing to a whole box? You can purchase some of our completely original activities individually. You can choose 1, 2, or all 3.

  • Shamooblebop Brainstorming and Team Building. Complete a design thinking brainstorm process on our TCB Map, then work collaboratively to generate ideas, narrow, and then prototype the newest product.
  • Seasonal Tastings Creative Collaboration. A ‘tasty’ collaboration where individuals dream up their tastiest seasonal dish, construct it with clay, and then collaborate to create the best cohesive menu.
  • Best Sellers Innovation and Creative Problem Solving. Creativity and community drive your next big idea. Teams work together to innovate, design, and sell a new product.

Wanna sit back and relax to enjoy the activity instead of leading it? TheCultureBiz can facilitate your virtual meeting. Learn more HERE.

Activities may be shipped to individual locations at a cost of $5 per address. This is selected at checkout.

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Individual Activities Pricing

Team size Discount per person
Order of 20-40 $1 off per person
Order of 41+ $2 off per person