Coasters - Networking Edition

Perfect for any meeting, networking event, or conference to spark memorable conversations. Our Networking Edition coasters allow meeting and event attendees to relate to one another with fun conversation-starter questions. Instead of another boring networking event full of awkward small talk, allow your participants to make strong connections with each other with these fun coasters.

Each kit is designed for up to 16 players. If your group is smaller, you can adjust how many coasters you put out. If your group is larger than 16 – no problem, you can always order more packs of Coasters!

Guaranteed to inspire conversations with six new people, and much more memorable than handing over a business card.


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Your Social Mixologist

Instead of another networking event full of awkward small talk, make sure your participants feel like they can make strong connections with each other. First, they will answer questions like “What is the worst advice you have ever received?” or “If you could start a restaurant, what type of food would you serve?”

Then, inspire creativity with a shared activity as your participants create a brand new product and pitch it to win awards like the It Will Fly Off The Shelf award or The Neutral Compliment award.

  • Front: Prompts to break the ice
  • Back: Steps to play a small group activity
  • ** Also included: Creative awards for groups to vote on their favorite product ideas.
  • *Guaranteed to talk to 6 new people

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This can take 15-30 minutes, depending on how many times you want your participants to switch in round 1. Round 2 takes about 10 minutes to play.

No problem at all. You can eliminate one or two full colors. We recommend at least 8 people play.

Absolutely. We recommend putting two colors of coasters on one table (a table for 8), and then encouraging participants to walk to other tables in Round 1 to meet new people. Then, for Round 2, participants will come back to their own table to play Round 2 with the members of their table. Just purchase enough sets so that each participant gets one coaster.

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Coasters Pricing

Order size Discount
5-10 5% off
11+ 10% off

*25+sets reach out for special discounts