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Great for Offices

The way we work is changing, and when we work in-person, we need to prioritize collaboration, creativity, and connection. Help your team culture by building connections and cultivating creative collaboration skills while having fun. Choose one of our crates featuring the focus area that your team needs most. No matter where your team works, we’ve got you covered.

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Great for Happy Hours

After a long day, a happy hour with coworkers can sound about as fun as “pulling teeth”, or it can be the perfect time to reconnect. Whether virtual or in-person, we have lots of activities that provide a one-of-a-kind experience that helps drive connections. Play engaging and completely original activities that pair perfectly with your favorite cocktail.
Recommended activities:
Cheers in a Box experience with The Culture Biz

Onboarding new employees? Kick off their first week with a welcome happy hour or end their training with an engaging team building activity and some goodies delivered to their door. Check out more from our partners, Cheers in a Box

Great for Networking Events

In-person networking is back, and creating connections can be challenging and awkward. No more “speed networking!” Instead, let us help you make connections and create a memorable experience. Our completely original activities create opportunities for deeper connections with some fun in the process.
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Great for Conferences

Making connections at conferences is what it is all about, but it can feel forced and out of place in between sessions. That’s why our signature products are created to not only drive connection, but to make it fun in the process. Attendees can play at their table as well as have meaningful discussions as a large group, creating opportunities not only for connections, but for actionable takeaways.
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Great for Meetings

Have you ever been to a meeting that could have just been an email? We all have. Make your meetings matter by helping drive connections and opportunities to solve work challenges in a fun and playful way. Drive meeting engagement, productivity, and overall team happiness by taking intentional time to make meetings a more meaningful experience for all.

Recommended activities:

Great for Gatherings

When we bring groups of people together from all over, it can be challenging to have conversations that go beyond the surface. That’s why we have intentionally created our products to help. Drive connections and fun without breaking a sweat.
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