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Beat The Back to Office Blues

As someone with a little bit of social anxiety, even in the best of scenarios, the thought of resuming a social life or working in …

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The Trend of Loneliness At Work

So, how do we fight this “modern epidemic” together so that Americans come to work excited to connect with their teams? How do we help build authentic relationships? We believe that companies have to intentionally create opportunities for connection and collaboration. In essence, they need to invest in the connection of their teams to combat the loneliness of the individual team members.

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How Team Building Affects Your Bottom Line

There are people in the workplace who absolutely love team building, and there are also those who, well, don’t. While many companies know that team building is something that they should do for their team, many don’t know the best approach. Effective team building is more than just buying a ping pong table for your breakroom and organizing team happy hours (though we think those are great, too). Effective team building includes facilitating activities to help your team connect and play together around a shared purpose.

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Creating Meaningful Rituals

There are many different types of rituals that we encounter in our daily lives. Regardless of if they are of a religious or secular nature, …

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Should I Really Play at Work? You MUST Play at Work.

“Can play at work be useful, though? I would argue that it is essential.” Play, Dr. Stuart Brown   I recently received an email that …

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